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结绳技巧 3D下载

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大家伙儿会不会经常在微博等社交媒体上看到一些非常实用的绳子打结教程,赞叹完真实用,同时心里默默想以后就绳子这么系,结果当真需要时,早就忘了怎么系。那还不赶快来戳今天这款如何打结 3D:How to Tie Knots 3D 吧,软件正在限免,不要错过啦。软件教你如何打出各种用途的绳结的工具。结绳技巧包含了各种用途的绳结打发,并采用3D式分步骤教学,一步一步教你如何打结,简单易学,方便实用。

如何打结 3D:How to Tie Knots 3D 中含有大量绳子系法(真不骗乃们,由于方法太多,实在是没数过来,小编掰着手指头和脚趾头大概算了算,120 种总是有的),并且还有大量系法可供用户免费下载。软件虽然不支持中文,但每种系法都有清楚地分步动图演示。用户只需下载软件到手机中,就再也不怕需要打结时不记得方法啦。


The How To Tie Knots 3D Animated app will be your personal assistant in the complex craft of knot tying. You don’t have to worry if you can keep all the necessary knots in your mind. We have collected over 55 essential knots in one app to help you learn new knots or to refresh your memory of the ones you already know. Once you have downloaded the app they will be at hand in your mobile device wherever you are – fishing at a lake, climbing a mountain or just staying home with your everyday household chores. Animated 3D step-by-step instructions won’t let you get confused, and a straight-forward classification system will help you find the required knot quickly and effortlessly. Save your nerves and good mood, you will need them for something else! Well described 3D animation of 55 knots.上一条:大海战下一条:华盛顿国家美术馆HD 友情提醒,最新版本 1.0.5 中的新功能:
- New Download system
- New Design

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